"Jakes Allstar Karaoke", "Total Package Weddings" & "Broadway Jake
Productions mobile dj/karaoke services" i will share our philosophy on how
we do things in all 3 companies, and why we do the things we do.

Total Package Weddings - One thing i believe more than anything is that Dj'ing someones
biggest day of their life is an honor that i take extremely serious. I think every client is
different, and based off that i stress getting to know my clients needs in a thorough manner,
so that day of, my client receives everything their heart desires. I'm also a big believer in
Laptop Dj's aren't Dj's period, I can teach a 6 year old how to punch songs into a computer
and let it do the work for them, but a computer can't gage a room, or a dance floor for that
matter, i believe every client has a different personality, and the same song set doesn't apply
at every reception. I am into customisation, letting the client dictate their music and working
off of THEIR wants and desires, that's why we use Pioneer Cdj's turntables, so we can spin
the same way you would see in any club from New York City to Vegas, Real hands on dj'ing
with craft and care! Our other 2 things that separate us from the rest, NO time limits, you
book us, we are at your disposal from start to when you say DONE! And finally NO
PACKAGES... All inclusive is the only way to go. Whether its lights, smoke, music, meetings,
rehearsals, mood lighting, ceremony's, receptions, its always all coming with us wherever we
go, Our package IS the deluxe package, we don't ask our clients to pay extra for anything. I
never understood why a company would send a Dj out for a gig without all their best tools
available, Why wouldn't you want to put your best foot forward every single gig No matter if
its a high end wedding at the Dunes Club to a cost effective one at the MB Train Depot, We
treat every client, with every budget with the exact same respect, and the exact same
treatment. We are not weekend warriors here, This is what we do FULL TIME, 7 days a
week, not 30 Saturdays a year. Please visit our wedding link in the task bar above for
reviews from actual previous clients with photos and locations.

BJP MOBILE - Our Poolside Dj/Karaoke Services has grown beyond what we had
ever imagined, Due in large part to the amazing team we have assembled over the last
2 years, I honestly believe we are changing the face of what resorts from Corporate Hotels
to even the Mom & Pop Locations are doing for entertainment. Our goals for the places that
have the Tiki bars outside is to increase revenue by keeping family's by the pool longer, and
helping with the responsibility of keeping the kids happy with all sorts of family friendly
activities, so that the parents can sit and relax. Plus, the longer we keep them at the pool
instead of the ocean, the more likely they are to order food or another drink, For the exact
same price of just having a guy out their strum the guitar, Or a dj
just play music, We do it
all with activities planed every 30 minutes or so from Water balloon toss competitions, to
family team trivia, pool Olympics, Cupid Shuffle lessons, Music Bingo, and karaoke and song
requests for the dj throughout the day! Its more than just a dj, or Karaoke, its non stop
entertainment that reaches ALL ages. We also at our own expense buy prizes for the kids
and adults for every single event we run. The majority of our poolside staff is First aid
certified and we NEVER..EVER drink during our events at any of our resorts.
We are currently facilitating the entertainment needs for 11 resorts

Jakes All Star Karaoke - Finally, the base of my operation, without
Broadway Louies none of this would be possible, Teresa took a chance with
me 12 years ago, and together we have won Best of the Beach every year
since, Our idea from the start was to make sure Karaoke was about the
"SINGERS" and not the people running the show, Locals and Tourists
would be treated as equals, Contests would be run fairly for all involved
with rules everyone could understand, and judges who were unbiased in
their decision making no matter what. We wanted the number one selection
in music and sound, and with the help of some amazing friends and karaoke
regulars, i think we have done just that. Broadway Louies is, and always has
been the base of my operation. Long before i was on ESPN radio, or before
you could find BJP entertainment in the 22 different bars you can find us in,
Way before all the poolside gigs for resorts from North Myrtle to Surfside,
and before i was in the wedding business, Broadway Louies was and is the
Home of my heart, along with its staff and patrons. That will never change.
We will never take being #1 for granted, and will year after year strive to
exceed your expectations.